Why ImmuOligo?

As antibiotic regulations tighten globally, enhancing an animal’s natural systemic resistance is now becoming an integral part of modern livestock production programs.

This makes sourcing out quality immune health ingredient a top priority.

Powered by a well-defined mode of action and dedicated research across different target species, ImmuOligo is a natural glucopolysaccharide that supports the animal’s natural defense to minimize all nutritional and health challenges in a sustainable way.

Patented, Organic and Safe

Extraction and purification are the heart of the patented technologies to preserve beta 1,3/1,6  glucans from organic Reishi mushrooms. The essential procedures eliminate the byproducts generated by the mushroom’s natural growing process. For extraction, a solvent-free process ensures organic and chemical residue-free compliance. ImmuOligo is safe for daily and yearly consumption which is demonstrated in the extensive toxicology profile along with a FDA GRAS status.

Proprietary Manufacturing Process Guarantees Quality Products

ImmuOligo is manufactured via a proprietary isolation process that makes it second to none. Generally, when isolating active constituent from natural botanicals one must use chemical solvents or heat as the mediums for extraction; however, isolating ImmuOligo uses neither in order to preserve the integrity of the original isolate.  The patented, proprietary manufacturing process for ImmuOligo includes the following steps:

  • The growth of proprietary Reishi mushroom (Ganoderma lucidum)
  • Chemical-free isolation via ultrasonic separation
  • Final purification process to filtrate the membrane residues

The finished product is 99% water soluble, heat resistant and pH-stable which can accommodate most manufacturing processes.

Performance Powered by “Standardizable isolate”

ImmuOligo’s actives, beta 1,3/1,6  glucan can be quantified by the Megazyme enzymatic assay which enables manufacturers to confirm scientifically the purity and quality of the ingredient they are adding to their products.

The Megazyme enzymatic assay was published in the Journal of AOAC International, a peer-reviewed publication of the Association of Official Analytical Chemists.  This enables researchers to ascertain the link between performance gains when products containing ImmuOligo are in action.

Product Innovation starts with Performance-Proven Ingredient

ImmuOligo® is a versatile ingredient for varieties of commercially available feed products. Products containing ImmuOligo have increased performance, great customer reviews and brand recognition. Products featuring ImmuOligo include

  • Suckle Plus
  • Duralife Enhanced
  • CountryLane Multi-species
  • ImmuOligo Liq RTF 16 oz
  • Today’s Calf 20/20
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